Past, Present & Future

St. Mary Alma Mater

The Bells of St. Mary's

Refrain: The bells of St. Mary's,
Sung down through the years,
Memories bringing of hope and of fears,
And in their clear chiming, we hear softly told,
The message to hold high the standards of old.

Chorus: The bells of St. Mary's, O hear they are ringing!
Ring out, ring on always faithful we'll be.
Ring on, and with courage, we'll live as you taught us,
We'll pledge our lives and love to you in loyalty.

St. Vincent Alma Mater

Atop A Hill in Akron
There's a school on a hill
Of which proudly we feel,
For she stands there resisting all foes;
And tho' you may inquire,
Not a man you could hire
To betray her, as everyone know.
She's the best loved of all,
Be it springtime or fall,
And we've all promised faithful and true
To uphold her fair name,
To spread word of her fame,
Loyal sons and daughters all.

Atop a hill in Akron
Proudly waves the green and white.
Saint V's banner shouts her glory;
You can see it from the height.
Ideals of highest mettle,
Spirit grand and sound and true,
And we praise our Alma Mater
Sure she's finest of all schools.

St. Vincent-St. Mary Alma Mater

High atop a hill in Akron,
Waves the Green and Gold.
Proud she stands for truth and honor,
Courage strong and bold.
Sound her praises, sing her glory,
Spirit will prevail!
Ever stands our Alma Mater...
St. Vincent-St. Mary Hail!