Past, Present & Future
St. Vincent-St. Mary High School
St. Vincent-St. Mary High School

St. Vincent-St.Mary High School

In 1972, St. Vincent and St. Mary High Schools became St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. In 1973, the first STVM graduating class was in 1973 and totaled 237 students. In September, 1973, the STVM school year opened for 700 students in the new $3 million facility at 15 North Maple Street in Akron, Ohio. School colors taken from the familiar green and white (St. Vincent High School) and blue and gold (St. Mary High School) became the now ever-present Green & Gold. The student newspaper was no longer "The Vincentian" or "The Crusader" but "The Leprechaun Gold." The yearbook, "The Phoenix" rose from the ashes of "The Shamrock" and "The Bluebook" and a new alma mater was written to hail Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

STVM is therefore not a "new school" but rather one with a rich heritage and traditions that reach back to the turn of the century. Many of the
St. Mary and St. Vincent traditions remain and have been joined by new traditions as well.

As of 2015, STVM has graduated 7,106 students. With our combined histories, our schools have graduated over 17,988 students.