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Individual Counseling

Students have an opportunity to work with counselors one on one regarding their personal, social, or academic concerns. It is important to us that the students know that they have a confidential and safe place to come to when needed. Counselors only reveal confidential information to parents or Children Social Services if a student is being harmed, harming themselves, or potentially harm others.
Students may schedule a meeting with their school counselor during homeroom, study hall, or lunch. If there is an emergency, the student may also see their counselor during a class.

Mrs. Zinke - (grades 9 and 11) Room 236
Mrs. Boarman
- (grades 10 and 12) Room 230

Group Counseling

Counselors coordinate small group counseling to help students experience peer interaction, share ideas and feelings, develop positive attitudes and values, and deepen an understanding of themselves and their environment. Groups are provided in the fall and spring semesters. Topics of groups change from year to year and are announced prior to start. Examples of group topics are: College and Career Exploration (Juniors), Study Skills, Grief Group, etc. An average group consists of 6-8 students and we meet once a week for about 6 weeks in the counseling office during lunch. Please speak to your counselor if interested in learning more about group counseling sessions.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse and Prevention

For information regarding drug and alcohol abuse and prevention please click the link below and subscribe to a free news letter for parents. The information is from Ohio mental health and addiction services Primary Goals and Objectives of the organization To increase parental awareness that their children are at risk; To reinforce the knowledge that parental actions make a difference; To enhance and increase communication between parents and their children about substance use; and To empower parents with simple and effective parenting strategies proven to prevent substance use.

Resources on Bullying

Bullying is an issue that affects many of all ages all over the world. If you are being bullied you are not alone. Please talk to someone at home, a teacher, school counselor, dean of student or any trusted adult. Reach out and get help. If you are a witness to bullying speak out and don’t be a bystander to injustice and intolerance. Below you will find some resources you might find helpful. Please talk to a guidance counselor if you would like to get help or know someone who needs help.

Loss & Grief

Losing a love one can be one of the emptiest feelings for a person to deal with. Our students have the opportunity to meet with counselors at any time regarding a loss of a friend or family member. Here are a couple of documents that may help in the healing process:

Stages of Grief
From Your Hands to God's Arms - Saying Goodbye

24-Hour Hotlines:

  • Akron Child Guidance Center (child and adolescent suicide/crisis) - 330.762.0591
  • Alcoholics Anonymous - 330.253.8181
  • Child Abuse Hotline - 330.379.1880
  • Poison Control Center - 1.800.872.5111
  • Safe Landing Shelter (Summit County) - Boys - 330.253.7632 - Girls - 330.784.7200
  • Support (suicide/crisis) - 330.434.9144
  • YWCA rape and sexual assault services - 330.434.7273 or 1.800.433.7273