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St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Introduces the Oral History Project!

Prior to the announced retirement of our Headmaster, Mr. David Rathz, he initiated a project that would for years to come trace and follow the footsteps of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. This project is entitled “The Oral History Project” and its main purpose is to keep the legacy of STVM alive through unedited video interviews of STVM alumni, friends and employees (past and present). These interviews discuss implementations of STVM programs and departments, give a nostalgic look back at certain eras as well as give in depth emotion behind some of STVM’s great alumni and friends. There is a long list of interviews that have taken place and will take place! This is an ongoing project that will catalog and archive our special Irish moments for years to come.

Access the Oral History Project Videos

A Project in Development

Please bear with us during the process of implementation on our website. Keep checking back to this page as we continue to upload interviews as memories are captured. Future interviews include the following topics: Maintaining the Catholicity of our School; our partnership with The University of Akron and how we became the School of Science and Technology; more on our Art, Music and Drama Departments; a full tour of the Class Murals seen on the walls inside the Academic Area; Athletics; Foreign Language; Peer Ministry and Service; Volunteering at STVM; Special Education and a once in a lifetime interview with John Cistone.

We encourage everyone’s input and feedback during this process. If you would like to be involved, please contact our Advancement Office for more information or simply email