Social Studies

Now that we have entered the 21 st century, the role of social studies education is becoming even more important than it was in the past. Students must know their own history, know how their government functions, and have an understanding of world cultures and history in order to live fully as the world becomes more culturally and economically integrated. The Social Studies Department endeavors to provide students with a program in which they learn to think for themselves, respect differing viewpoints, deal with the inevitability and speed of change, and prepare to assume their responsibilities as Christians and citizens in their community and in their country.

The St. Vincent-St. Mary Social Studies Department offers both required and elective courses that enable students to understand the country and the world in which they live and to develop the skills that will enable them to participate fully in society at the local, national, and international levels. A STVM student must complete a minimum of three credits in Social Studies in order to graduate (although 3 ½ are recommended for college preparatory students). These credits must include one credit in World History, one credit in American History or American Studies, one-half credit in American Government, and one-half credit in Economics and Personal Finance. Students may also choose from department electives including Current and Future Issues, Twentieth Century, Justice for All (Introduction to Law), World Geography, Western Thought 1, Western Thought 2, and Advanced Placement European History. Recognizing that STVM students learn in different ways and come to the courses with differing levels of ability, the department offers core required courses on both the college preparatory and honors/Advanced Placement levels.

Students with a special interest in government and international relaions may participate in Model United Nations. Students with an interest in law may participate in Mock Trial. Students who want to build their awareness of cultural diversity may join the school’s Multi-Cultural Club.

Social Studies Department Faculty

Ms. Pam Godshalk, Department Chair
Mr. Anthony Boarman
Mr. Robert Brownfield
Mr. Justin Corbett
Mr. Michael Maley
Mrs. Rebecca McGonigle
Mrs. Nannette Roberts

Courses Offered

Honors Global Studies
C.P. World History
Honors American Studies
C.P. American History
American Studies [AP English: Language and Comp. and AP US History]
A.P. American Government
C.P. American Government
Western Thought and Culture I, II
Economics and Personal Finance
Honors Economics and Personal Finance
A.P. European History
World Geography
20th Century
Current and Future Issues
Justice for All
Ohio History (summer elective)

See our course description book for complete course information

Related Clubs and Activities

Mock Trial
Model United Nations
Multi-Cultural Club