Beginning with the class of 2014, all students must complete 4 credits of mathematics to fulfill the State of Ohio's graduation requirements. These must include one full year of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Only students with an I.E.P. in either the Learning Disabilities program or Special Education program will be exempt from this requirement.

The Mathematics Department highly recommends that students in Grades 9 and 10 have a TI-83 or TI-84 plus graphing calculator. These calculators are required for students in all courses in Grades 11 and 12.

A student with at least an “A” average in his/her current mathematics course may move up one level, except for students wishing to move into the Honors Program. These students will need teacher recommendations and special permission from the Department Head. A student earning a “C-” or better may not drop down a level.

Mathematics Department Faculty

Mrs. Jennifer McElhaney, Department Chair
Mrs. Sarah Dedinsky
Mr. Kevin Kelly
Mrs. Marcia Korllos

Ms. Deborah Patonai
Ms. Angela Sanor

Courses Offered

Honors Geometry
CP Algebra I
Honors Algebra II
CP Geometry
Plan for Your Future
Honors Pre-Calculus
CP Algebra II
Mathematical Connections
CP Functions, Trigonometry, and Applications
CP Probability & Statistics
AP Calculus
AP Statistics

See our course description book for complete course information

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