Academic Policies/Grade Requirements

If your child is struggling with a core academic class, we have multiple resources to help your child succeed.

  • The teacher of the class will be able to offer individual tutoring during his/her office hours and by appointment.
  • We also offer tutoring during study halls.  Your child can sign out of study hall to go to the middle level to work with five highly qualified tutors (listed below).
  • For students from the Akron Public School District, we offer a Title 1 program that provides tutoring in English and mathematics before or after school. Certain criteria need to be met for a student to be eligible for this program.  If you wish to determine if your child is eligible, please contact Ms. Sanor at
  • We have two counselors, Mrs. Boarman and Mrs. Hampshire, who will help students to be organized, to use effective study skills, to develop useful test-taking skills, and to deal with any personal issues that contribute to their difficulties. Click Here to contact them!
  • We have implemented a Peer Tutoring program for students who can use extra help in a specific subject during one of their study halls. This program will place peer tutors into study halls to help students who struggle with assignments or studying for tests. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Academic Intervention Tutors
Subject Days
Dr. Hensley & Mr. McKeeman Mathematics Mondays-Fridays Room 234
Mrs. Jameson English Mondays & Tuesdays Room 232
Mrs. Michaels Social Studies Thursdays & Fridays Room 232
Mr. W Brownfield Science Wednesday Room 234