Foreign Language

St. Vincent-St. Mary High School students enrolled in "College Prep" academic level classes are required to pass two consecutive years of the same world language in order to graduate. Since language study is a cumulative, on-going skill building discipline, students are required to maintain a "C-" average or higher during their first year in order to ensure success at year II and, therefore, the completion of the two-year language requirement. Year I students who fail to achieve "C-" by the end of the second semester will repeat the course the following year on an audit basis. The third and fourth years of a foreign language sequence are honors-weighted courses which rely on and draw upon mastered skills. Reading, vocabulary, grammar, and proficiency requirements are generally higher than entry courses. Successful completion of advanced courses earn our students advanced placement and/or college credit in college level foreign language courses. The prerequisite of "B-" is needed to enter year III and pass to year IV.

World Languages Department Faculty

Mrs. Teresa Llerena, Spanish, Department Head
Ms. Meghan Bachtel, French
Mrs. Tamula Drumm, Chinese
Mrs. Barbara Hilovsky, Spanish
Mrs. Elena Timms, Russian & French
Mr. Ning-Yang (Moses) Wang, Chinese

Courses Offered

French I, II
Honors French III, IV, V
Honors Advanced French Language & Literature
Honors Advanced French Language & Culture
Honors Advanced French Language & History
Spanish I, II
Honors Spanish III, IV, V
Honors Advanced Spanish Language & Literature
Honors Advanced Spanish Language & Culture
Honors Advanced Spanish Language & Modern Culture
Russian I, II
Honors Russian III, IV
Honors Advanced Russian Language & Literature
Honors Advanced Russian Language & Culture
Mandarin Chinese I, II, III, IV

See our course description book for complete course information

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