The four-year English program is designed to meet the needs of all students. Three levels are provided on all grade levels, and all students are required to keep writing portfolios, which will be given to the teacher the following year. By senior year, students will have a folder of all their major writing assignments. In the Honors track, the History and English courses are integrated in the freshman and junior years. Students will be able to take AP American Studies in their junior year and A.P. Department Members

English Department Faculty

Mrs. Beth Dolan, Department Chair
Mrs. Caitlin Bradley
Ms. Kaitlyn Carlier
Ms. Abby Diamond
Mrs. Kathryn Milligan
Mr. Gerard Neary
Mrs. Christina Stires

Courses Offered

Global Studies
Honors English II, IV
C.P. English I, II, III, IV
English I, II, III, IV
American Studies [AP English: Language and Comp. and AP US History]
A.P. English Literature & Composition
Speech & Presentation
Creative Writing
Irish Literature
Introduction to Drama
Advanced Acting
Technical Theatre

See our course description book for complete course information

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